All Our False Starts

by Pswingset

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released July 3, 2012




Topshelf Records San Diego, California

A record label started in 2006 working with artists and people we love and believe in.

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Track Name: Swept Under
The last ones for their better halves, you know
To be the under is better than, you know
The world is bare, a never ending years and that’s just what I see
Even if I could sweep it under, would I belong
The good ones for the better halves, I know
To be swept under is better than, you know
I belong here
Track Name: Slowdance
Lost my voice on the way up
Can’t force me to write
Right on time you will remind me decisions don’t seem as hard anymore
But that’s just me
Lost my thoughts on the way up
Pen to page won’t work
Track Name: Native Pass
You’ve had all along to make it out
Still working on your pride
Making a life
Save for the rest can’t fake for better
Or worse
Known for the best
To see it through
Changes comes too slow now
Leave space for lining silver and gold
Can’t fake for better
Or worse
Make it mine
You always had the time
Believe in something
It’s never far behind
You’ve always had a word
A word that’s never spoke
A moment lost in time
Leaving arguments to die
Track Name: Bokeh
I can hold the weight for two but that won’t justify
A long trip to get shorter
Make the most of it and regret

In light of past fevers
I’m out of focus for a little
Last days to be a martyr
Apologies are wearing thin

A long trip could get shorter
Make the most of it and regret

Hope will drag you down
I hope they drag you
Track Name: Surplus & Minus
Continue without a pause
Track Name: Perfect Teeth
Drown out the noise it’s louder than before
Make it mine
Better than before
Can’t help but find out all the ways to make it work
To make it perfect
We’ll find a way to change all our everydays
To make it fit
To make it work
Help is on the way
Track Name: Husk
There are times when we all bend and fit
To fit the mold
We got so far
We made it here to find out we’re empty
Less than something
Track Name: Endless Lists
In near time you won’t remember
The bad ones or the way I turned
The last ones always hurt the most
And almost always
In half time remember the changes and make believe everything else
The names and places change in turn
Watch you fall
Make it hurt
Cease and forget all the words
Make it right, just in time
Selective memory all night
Track Name: Gold & Mud
I got it made through ruined pictures
False starts could help us out
I found it home through blurry windows
False starts could help us out
You were there but always whispered
A fine time to say goodbye all alright

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