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A letter from my nephew makes me cry The sun just makes me sad we have to die Fell through the light again In line with fear Called phonies, Cowards Friends I could hold most dear Survival concepts travel from the front back to the rear History repeats it’s self There ain’t that many years That I can hold a tune So I’ll beg for melodies Hope someday these Oni’s may forgive me No camera could document the shit he put me through No song could do it justice No, There’s never been a tune As dark as ten fiancée’s swimming naked in my room As red as ripe volcano’s, twisted up like blown out tubes Oh and how everyone just needed me To be calm cool collected Just like you Sacrifice my art and politics Shut the fuck up And make due
I played myself again Went and bullied for the bigger end Let definitions blur Believed what I heard it my head Well if intentions slip Then you might as well dip Theres not much different There’s not much new I know The same lie keeps me The same look Makes me grow So when’s this gonna end When you gonna meet my eyes Is there a way that I can redefine the clay Come on Find me
Barreling through Fallowing you Looking for change Circle compute Look at the cute Number and name You see the grid The way it’s words work Your lives a screenplay You can’t afford not to rewrite Counting down to collapse Hoping everyone claps Circle improve Looking for proof Someone to save Corporate scope Media soap Watching friends float away You see the grid The way that words work Your life’s a three way You can’t afford not to be right You’re counting down to collapse Hoping everyone claps Every woe in corners all just looking sad Hiding out or waiting for their better halves What justifies our cults What justifies our wars What justifies not getting up Not getting anymore We maintain we were framed Reading down the names Feeling that stir Recompense expect How can we invest When were really not sure
I guess desperate people never learn Stuck in a circle season, never turns Buried in my living room What’s in the head just isn’t getting through Not sure what to do Truth is never really thought it through Woke from a dream I was only fourteen Still can’t say that I know what things mean Brick wall water Dick talk talker A quarter past never mind Can’t even get mad
All I want is peace But the concept feels just out of reach And it’s getting to me Don’t see it So don’t believe it Didn’t mean it They didn’t mean it All I want is peace But your conscience seems under your feet And it’s getting to me Don’t see it So don’t believe it Didn’t mean it They didn’t mean it You are wrecking all my fun Cause ain’t it good to see the sun Not to want to hurt no one
So tiny XVX microscopes are spiders underneath my skin Cycles cycles everywhere so fuck it math’s where we’ll begin Can’t stop shaking feel like Kate is leaving me again That was just day one Just day one St. Catherine’s
You’re settling You just need someone to ease you’re worrying Spent most our nights In my car talking in the dark And I thought it was endearing to wait this long And you said it was indulgent to keep you around Know how it would end
Sometimes I wonder how You’re writing makes depression sound eloquent Even endearing I don’t dare bring up the past Not while I’m around you I don’t think you could handle it I could be in love But I would end up back where I am If I’m honest with myself I should be alone I’m giving up on you Sweetheart I’m giving up on you If I’m lonely enough To want to say that I’ll settle down I’m not honest with myself or anyone else You always were the saddest girl I know
All this talk about the times you were near death Makes my hands shake Or how you wouldn’t be around to vouch for me If I died soon Rest your head there’s nothing more you can do For God’s sake Or the sake of anything you thought was real Or half true
I’m too ashamed to talk to you again I can’t be subtle I can’t even try I knew we parted ways too early I could use you in my life today I would lie to anyone but you It’s an attempt to make me feel better The worse it gets the more pop songs I write
You wrote me a letter You never sent I found it in your apartment On accident I can make do with it If you must be vague If you can’t say you’ll stay true The driving to see me The singing and grieving They can’t save you from what’s to come You were so damn terrified Of something you might find It kept you from my arms


released February 3, 2015


all rights reserved



Topshelf Records Portland, Oregon

A record label started in 2006 working with artists and people we love and believe in.

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