1. Weatherbox
    San Diego, California
  2. mock orange
    Evansville, Indiana
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Pretend
    Thousand Oaks, California
  5. Solids
    Montréal, Québec
  6. No Joy
  7. Oyama
  8. Eerie Summer
    Helsinki, Finland
  9. Artie Tea
    Boston, Massachusetts
  10. Us & Us Only
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Los Angeles, California
  12. bahdeavn
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  13. Heat
    Montréal, Québec
  14. No Vacation
    San Francisco, California
  15. By Surprise
    Haddon Heights, New Jersey
  16. Braid
    Champaign, Illinois
  17. Caravels
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  18. The City On Film
    Chicago, Illinois
  19. Cut Teeth
    Chicago, Illinois
  20. Defeater
    Boston, Massachusetts
  21. Del Paxton
    Buffalo, New York
  22. Diamond Youth
    Baltimore, Maryland
  23. Donovan Wolfington
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  24. Enemies
    Wicklow, Ireland
  25. Field Mouse
    New York
  26. Frameworks
    Gainesville, Florida
  27. A Great Big Pile of Leaves
    Brooklyn, New York
  28. Happy Diving
    Oakland, California
  29. Have Mercy
    Baltimore, Maryland
  30. Infinity Girl
    New York
  31. the jazz june
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  32. My Fictions
    Boston, Massachusetts
  33. Pianos Become The Teeth
    Baltimore, Maryland
  34. Prawn
    New Jersey
  35. Ratboys
    Chicago, Illinois
  36. The Saddest Landscape
  37. Slingshot Dakota
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  38. Sorority Noise
    Hartford, Connecticut
  39. Special Explosion
    Seattle, Washington
  40. Sundials
  41. Tancred
  42. The Velvet Teen
  43. We Were Skeletons
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  44. Wildhoney
    Baltimore, Maryland
  45. The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
    Willimantic, Connecticut
  46. You Blew It


Topshelf Records San Diego, California

San Diego, CA via Boston, MA. A record label started in 2006 working with artists and people we love and believe in.

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